Critical Business Salons

What is the Biggest Question We Are Not Asking Ourselves?

Critical Business is a monthly series for reflection, critical thinking, and creativity.

Are you looking for a space to reflect on the changes we are all going through? A space that does not ask for you to be one way or another?

This is not pedagogical, nor editorial. We are not here to teach, play pre-recorded videos, or create another Slack group.

It is a guided exploration.

"The Catskill Mountains" (1912)

You will meet and co-create, or not, either way we are here to support exploration through conversation and openendeness. We are your creative sherpas. The same way that climbing the same mountain can mean different things for different people, this a place of learning together, but learning different things.

Photo by ZACHARY STAINES on Unsplash

Thirdness is an invitation to those of us who have to be anything other than our full selves in the world. This is the opposite of “ I am a designer, looking for a designers space, to talk about designer-y things.

All of those things are products, and you are a process.

William Merritt Chase's 10th St. Studio

Do you have a creative surplus? Creativity that no one is asking for (yet), surplus that is left with you at the end of the day. After fluffing all of roles and duties, something new, ideas for an unknown future. Without care and attention these disseminate as background noise, or worse yet as professional resentment. This is a space to find, and use it.

Are you fed up with the planning that goes into endless days on Zoom?

Does it feel like all you is produce value without receiving any. Where are the radiators in your environment, or only drains? Are you craving intellectual and creative travel?

Circles are a space of co-creation, with no plan, nor goals. They are an expedition into your interests.

We show up in different ways and it is on the space to afford differences, to allow for a safe dialogue. We are not assuming a role we don’t have any kind of invisible lines that, that funnel a conversation.

“Oh, phew, I’m gonna go ahead and just take that wig off and just like, let it all hang out and be me.”

"Physiological optics : being an essay contributed to the American encyclopedia of ophthalmology" (1918)

You are more than a 2 x 2 box on Zoom! There is no matrix, trying to build digital-theme-parks is ok, if we appreciate this is not  reality. Reality is your sitting on your sofa, another person at their desk, and another one at their kitchen counter. There is no need to pretend, just to show up. This is a new way to digitally placemake.

The Format

Four sessions – each is 3 hours long and has a guest. Guests come to the space with something they want to share, a question to ask, or a mix of both.

The format is tried and tested, based on the successful proof of concept: Thirdness, a community of practice with backgrounds ranging from corporate innovation to design, facilitation, art, and psychology. 

As part of the process, each person will name their curiosity and buy a URL. Creative suplus might results in writing, artifacts, inspiration, or art.


“Nitzan has an incredible capacity for facilitating groups of creative leaders to grow, create, imagine, and collaborate in unexpected and exciting ways. 

I am always inspired and surprised by his facilitation formats, by his ability to go granular and then go holistic, go theoretical and then practical, and communicate in the mediums of design, music, writing, and conversation facilitate these capacities in others. 

When I first started working with Nitzan as part of the thirdness, I had a very particular idea of what I wanted to do. What I did, and co-created, was far beyond my imagination, and I am very grateful for that.”
“In a serendipity starved world, Thirdness is a ray of light. Every encounter I have with the community is like bumping into your smartest friend after ten years, moments after they’ve just finished a major project they want to tell everyone about. It’s open, energising, thought-provoking and entirely necessary in the world we find ourselves in right now.”

“Nitzan has a knack for bringing together uniquely creative people and sparking conversations that are energizing and deeply inspiring. Working in product-focused tech for several years, I didn't realize how long it had been since my mind was opened in the way it was after a discussion on speculative epistemology in our breakout session. Hungry to keep learning, I bought five books immediately afterwards on recommendation from the group.”

About Nitzan Hermon

Nitzan Hermon is an innovation consultant, writer, and coach. He is deeply passionate about the nature of communication and how we might move from artifact thinking to process thinking.

In his practice, Nitzan helps companies to break down silos of creativity through research, technological innovation, and R&D.

He is a student and teacher of complexity – and is actively shifting the conversation from communities to circles and from networking to ‘thirdness.’ In his latest project, Meta Medium, Nitzan is researching the psychology of creativity, digital habits, and solitude. He experimented and publicly wrote about building a meta-community, now called Thirdness Network.

He is adjunct faculty at The New School, Think Bigger fellow at Columbia Business School, and part of IEEE (AI and ethics), i4J, and GoFA.

He is currently teaching at The New School, helping international innovation leaders share their process, and is the NEW INC team coach.

2021 Calendar

What does studio culture mean without a studio?
Contexts: place, collaboration, Creativity, Learning

What is the role of speculative design, and forecasting, when living through speculative times?
Contexts: artifacts, knowledge, language, education

Individuated truth, and Communication
Contexts: regulation/law, media, psychology, political science/philosophy

Coaching Skills for Non–coaches

Creativity, not Certainty

June - Dec TBD


A monthly ticket to Critical Business Salons (12 hours in total) is $495

For every ticket sold, a 5% donation will be made to the National Park Foundation 🎄 🎄

Spots are limited. A number of scholarships will be made available for each session of CBS: Apply

HR and L&D options include a ’punch card’ option, where team members can share pre-purchased tickets.  Please get in touch about custom pricing.

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